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    …there’s this idea that a man and woman can’t be together - on a show, especially - without needing to be together sexually or in love or whatever. And this is really just about the evolution of a friendship and how that happens. Watching that should be as much the story of this show as the mystery you see week in, week out about who killed who.
    (x) Carl Beverly, Elementary producer (via meotional)
    Robert often calls it a bromance, but one of the bros just happens to be a woman.
    (x) Carl Beverly, Elementary producer (via meotional)
    I’d like to show that a man and a woman can be friends and go to work and live together and not end up romantically entangled.
    (x) Robert Doherty, Elementary producer (via meotional)

    [ace fic] The Reluctant Relationship by zoicite

    Rating: Teen

    Pairing: Ace!Sherlock+John

    Word count: 11594

    Summary: It happened so often that most of the time John didn’t even bother to protest anymore. So the entire world thought that he and Sherlock were - well, whatever. It was fine. It was really fine.

    I just love stumbling across ace!Sherlock in fic that isn’t tagged as such. :’)



    Dark chocolate cake with raspberry mousse filling and white chocolate buttercream.


    [Ace-friendly fic] Sunday Tea by out_there

    Rating: G

    Pairing: Sherlock+John

    Word count: 450

    Summary: As far as John’s concerned, afternoon tea should be a cuppa and a few biscuits, not finger sandwiches and croissants, colourful macaroons and poetically described tea choices. He wants a cuppa, not an 'indulgent experience for the senses' that costs over twenty quid each. But come hell or high water — or in Sherlock’s case, mysterious disappearances and puzzling murders — Sunday afternoons mean afternoon tea.

    Short but sweet.

    Sexual!Johnlock with asexual!Sherlock


    So a couple of people have asked me about sexual!Johnlock with asexual!Sherlock and bisexual!John, so I figured I’d do what I normally do and make a list.

    Sexual!Johnlock will never be my headcanon, but these are all well-written (and well-researched, so Sherlock is not “CURED” BY JOHN’S LURVE POWERS) and have some great bits, so I just pretend that it’s an AU ahahaha.

    None of these are particularly fluffy, so if you’re not in the mood for feels-punching, you might want to go elsewhere.  Mixed relationships can be awkward even in the best circumstances, and Sherlock is not exactly the best at communication.  These are also (obviously) smuttier than nonsexual!Johnlock, although, as fanfiction goes, they’re not actually that smutty.  Fair warning, though, if sex (especially awkward and maybe mildly upsetting sex) in fanfiction makes you uncomfortable.

    That said, I have purposefully only included ones that (spoiler warning!) end happily on this list.  There are definitely some more angsty/graphic sexual!Johnlock fics with asexual!Sherlock that are really well-written…almost too well-written, actually, because they made me feel sick and I wanted to hide under my bed and maybe never come out.  Everything on this list is stuff I would (and have) read again, so you can probably take that as a indicator of the total angst level.

    With that giant warning aside, fics below the break!

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    I was recommended this blog by a friend because I often complain there's not enough ace!Sherlock out there (let alone ace/aro). Thank you. For being here. Thank you.

    UGH, THANK YOU. And you’re right, there’s never enough ace!Sherlock, and I’m afraid I haven’t been doing much lately to ameliorate the situation. I, uh, better get on that.

    Sex and Sensibility on Sherlock

    "There’s a reason so many asexual folks love Sherlock, write extensive fic, and talk about the show so much. It’s one of the first shows that presents a model of relationships like our own, where sex isn’t the ultimate be-all-and-end-all or the ending goal of all relationships. And this makes it an unusual and standout accomplishment in a sex and romance-saturated media."

    More ace!Johnlock fanfic recommendations


    Oh man, even more Johnlock fics!  By the way, feel free to spam me with links to fanfics you don’t see on this list.  I am all about being spammed with links.

    Once again, all of these are either queerplatonic!Johnlock or romantic but nonsexual!Johnlock or somewhere straddling the line.

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